Welcome to the SSEF Role Profiles and Staffing Website


This website is currently under redevelopment; however, the existing functionality is still available to all users:


* Job Role Profiles and information about how to use them to support your training and development

* A Staffing Guide that allows you to estimate the number of staff needed for a stroke service

* A Carer Profile to show the knowledge and skills that patients and carers may find useful post-stroke

* Endorsed education and training courses available through the UK Stroke Forum Education and Training


The new SSEF Web Application, based on this site, will include all of the functionality currently available but with some new additions:

If you work or have a role on the Stroke Care Pathway you will be able to log in with your details and create, edit and save your personal profile on line.

If you provide stroke-specific education and training you will be able to log in to a secure system, submit details about your training, view ratings and feedback, and update information about your course. Please note that the endorsement process is changing - you will still be able to submit your course but you will not need to pay a fee.

The SSEF Web Application will be available on a range of platforms and will be in a printer-friendly format.


The new web application will go live early in 2015.

For further information, please e-mail cpruenquiries@uclan.ac.uk with "SSEF" in the subject line.