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Content from the UK Stroke Forum 2016

The UK Stroke Forum heads to the Midlands

This session provided an opportunity for training and self-reflection on current level of knowledge and skills relevant to acute stroke care. The method used was by completion or review of current SSEF profile and stroke experts provided the essential information and knowledge required to deliver high quality acute care for those working at band 6.

Sir Bruce Keogh – UK Stroke Forum Speech

According to evidence, early supported discharge, and ongoing rehabilitation, should be provided by stroke specialist teams. However, in some areas implementing rehabilitation services for stroke patients has been facilitated by incorporating stroke rehabilitation within generic community rehabilitation teams. A leading stroke expert chaired the debate between two teams, each with a GP and a therapist involved in the commissioning, and provision of, community rehabilitation for stroke survivors.

UK Stroke Forum Debate: This house believes that machines have NO part to play in therapy

This session was dedicated to the 2016 guideline for stroke. This included presentations from the three guideline editors, Dr Martin James, Professor Audrey Bowen, and Dr Gavin Young.

You can download slides from the presentations at the following link:

You can view the full version of the 2016 national clinical guideline for stroke at

A patient version of the guideline is also available at

This also includes an audiobook version for listening to, and an eBook version for mobile devices including kindle.

To see the latest results in stroke care for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, please go to and click on Results.

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Urinary Incontinence after Stroke

Professor Jo Booth & Dr Lois Thomas discuss continence issues following stroke, at the UK Stroke Forum 2016:

Cochrane Overview of interventions to improve upper limb functions after stroke

Professor Frederike van Wijck, Dr Alex Pollock & Gillian Alexander: